Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I think it can be Google ++

More things I discovered that I like:

  1. Photo editing, easy fun quick presets..
  2. You can choose which info on your profile to be visible to which circle(s)
  3. You can view profile as.... any one u have or as any public viewer... 2 nerd points there 
  4. If you already have albums in picasa they r automatically transferred to your g+ AND with the same security settings. I had some private albums there but g+ played it right by keeping them private.
  5. and from Gizmodo (http://gizmodo.com/5817592/google%252B-for-freedom) 
    • Everything is encrypted in https, preventing your communications from being (easily) intercepted.
    • Unlike Facebook, you don't have to use your real name. (not always cool though)
    • Google Takeout will let you export all your data. So if a journalist has to take down their account, they can take that contact information elsewhere.

More things I want to have:

  1. would like some more photo editing options later , integration with a chrome app/ext perhaps?
  2. How about we have different data on our profiles for different circles... 
  3. a chrome (and other browsers) add on to quickly share anything 
  4. have a chat hangout option that u can choose at the beginning. i dont always want/can video/voice chat ! ... which means, just merge "huddle" and "hangout". i know while video chatting u can disable everything n turn on chat so there is a workaround this point but it is inconvenient. 
  5. Mobile version.... no no no google.. not ur best there.. i really expect better than this. it is missing many features AND the desktop version on mobile is not touch friendly... 
  6. I never saw Buzz as google's worst, and now it has a chance to shine. to do what g+ is missing as a quick feed like twitter. Buzz, like every other google service now, should be better integrated with g+ , that includes gcalendar (create events and share), gdocs, greader.. 
  7. I suppose blogspot being google's official blogging site will be also integrated soon in a better way with g+ which should replace the missing Notes option from facebook. Blogspot should be completely revamped
  8. One suggestion I read was to have the option to color posts in the stream to differentiate which r coming from each circle and those that r 1:1 
  9. Reorder circles and choose what to show and what to hide
  10. Allow custom URL to your g+  as in  plus.google.com/sanazolo
  11. G+ currently from my Chrome (12.0 latest) on Mac doesn't update automatically when I reopen the tab (like facebook) and sometimes updates don't work unless you resubmit the URL
  12. The links we provide on our profile page to other services like twitter facebook and personal website are too hidden.. i understand its better this way for g+ but it is more useful for us users to see those links. 
  13. Oh and another option to replace groups as someone suggested is to create a "public circle"... could be a good solution too
  14. Allow chat between desktop and mobile. 
  15. a problem that I had with facebook and also have here is when I want to go back to some post that I had I have to go throw all my "wall" or "stream" to find it. Thus one suggestion is to be able to search my posts. someone suggested to be able to tag posts like google reader but that might not be so convenient. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

G+ or G- ?

My thoughts on google+

The Good:
  1. Disable reshare... awesome... yes... sometimes i dont want ppl to reshare things like ummm my private party photos that i tagged them in or something..
  2. Disable comments.. if u dont feel like getting knocked out by annoying ppl who like to argue
  3. edit a post.. can be awesome if u misspelled , changed ur mind or something like that.. come on.. how many times did we wish we can edit a post on FB
  4. circles.... YES.. lovely .. amazing idea... so easy to use... so simple... i dont want to bore my non techy friends with the latest iOS release and I dont want my work colleague to c my last night status after a night with friends... yes... thumbs up...
  5. very simple straight forward security... very.. nothing stupid by default (so far) nothing changes without ur permission (so far)... *looking at u FB*
  6. unlimited photo upload .. aha... oh yeah!
  7. integrated (in way) with all google services
  8. simple design, easy to use and understand
  9. easy sharing (sort of)
  10. real time commenting
  11. sparks is OK
  12. no wall YES!! .. its hard to understand after years of facebook that u don't have a wall.. but i really have no idea y did ppl have a "wall" in the first place.. it was so hard to understand at first but when we got used to it, it seems hard to unlearn
  13. the fact that u dont have to share something with ur "circles" only.. it could be completely public, or to ur extended circles or to no one but THAT person.. though ppl have to find u to c ur public posts (twitter beats there)
  14. hangouts.... WOW.. cudnt be easier or more fun to use... the skype killer
  15. mobile app seems very promising unlike the CRAPPY facebook app that updates stupid issues that no one notices and forgets MAJOR issues ... completely useless.. g+ app rocks
  16. u can easily hide, block, delete, add friends... my GOD that was such a change from stupid facebook and their tricky layout and shit like when someone adds u , u "not now" them but they still c ur profile until some day u bump into ur requests and ignore them all... damn u facebook.
  17. NO ONE ADDS YOU BY FORCE TO A GROUP... yaay to g+
  18. speaking of groups above it doesnt seem to exist yet on g+.. it cud be a realtime setup later or just integrating google groups into the whole thing... anyway the "groups" concept is not really interesting to me .. as long as am following an interest, i prefer i don't have a gazillion group available about it but instead, find if anyone posted something about my interest... again twitter like.. i would like to maybe "save" an interest (sparks?) and then follow what anyone says about it in the whole world..
  19. ppl think there aint any direct messaging, only mentioning.. well... thats also how u do DM , u mention that person and u share it only with him/her ;)

The Bad:
  1. edit a post? really? that can also be a disaster.. but I dunno what would I choose, to have it or not
  2. circles can be annoying to do manually if u have many ppl at once.. not sure if there is an automatic way to do it though
  3. should have better integration with google services, much better than this.. i mean COME ON GOOGLE!! switch gmail to the wave already and make everything just one piece of web app, we still have to jump to every service annoyingly
  4. the simple design is nice, but lets be able to customize it (bg, colors, change layout).. and... give a brief intro on how to use g+ when a person first signs up becoz its not THAT easy to understand
  5. no direct sharing from youtube yet.. and if u +1 something it doesn't show on the stream, only on ur profile under +1s
  6. no easy way to switch from FB n bring all ur life from there
  7. not as easy as twitter to find new ppl to follow/friend with
  8. when there r many comments on a post, i dont know how to hide them all, there is always a section (long one) showing ...
  9. sparks could be better - just put google reader there with suggestions to newbies and even oldies
  10. add a search for posts like twitter.. that would make ppl c what the world is saying about something AND get to meet new ppl who seem interesting
  11. google Buzz mobile version had a map locating buzzes around u, that wud be nice to have in g+ too

vedict... i like it.. definitely has potential and probably is the closest facebook killer concept yet.. n google is here to listen to us n hopefully make changes... so .. lets hope some of the bad points become good ASAP and before the big launch.. n then... bye bye facebook for me.. hello G+

p.s. i will be updating this post as things change ;)